Thorn Airfiled Lighting


A member of Safegate Group since 2006, Thorn AFL has over 50 years of experience, with lights in operation at more than 500 airports on all continents.

When it comes to airfield lights, product performance is a crucial part of airport safety and improving airport efficiency. Successful airport operations rely on consistent and exceptional airfield lighting performance – all day and every day, year after year. To do that, our airfield lighting products meet top quality demands and provide a long and stable service life with great service support along the way.

Thorn quality standards are in accordance to the quality system ISO 9001. All our light fittings are fully compliant with FAA, ICAO, STAC and individually checked before delivery. Everything we do before delivery is aimed at guaranteeing exceptional performance.

For Thorn and Safegate Group it is as important to look at the whole operational picture as it is to look at the specific product. We know the challenge for airports is to have a fitting with the right balance between safety and functionality.

Together, Thorn and Safegate Group are delivering airfield lighting solutions that meet airport needs.