Lighting up 500 airports around the world


What is so special about Thorn AFL?
At airports around the world, airfield lighting is a crucial part of the day-to-day operations. Thorn AFL has over 50 years of experience, with lights in operation at more than 500 airports and on all continents over the world.

All aspects taken into the development process
For some people, a lamp is just a lamp and there is nothing more to it. However, development continues and new fittings with improved performance are available. Safegate Group it is as equally important to look at the whole picture as it is to look at the specific product. We identify aspects that can cause problems and find ways to improve our products.

The challenge is to produce a fitting with the right balance between safety and functionality. For example, there must be low protrusion for safer and smoother operations, without scratching the prisms and still providing easy maintenance and competitive pricing.
Today we are able to offer your airport a base that fits your runway and a light fitting that remains intact at touchdown.

How does Thorn AFL provide safety?
When it comes to airfield lights, product performance is a crucial part of airport safety. Everyone must be able to count on the lighting delivering the intended function – every day, every time, year after year. To do that the product has to meet top quality demands and provide a long and stable service life with great support along the way. At Safegate Group our total process including design, production, distribution and after sales service is certified according to the quality system for ISO 9001. For us, security is safety.

How does Thorn AFL increase efficiency?
A light fitting with the right design objectives minimises spare parts handling and storage. The right lamp characteristics decrease maintenance work, which consequently decreases operational disturbance to a minimum.

Saving money every day
A light fitting with the right design objectives saves spare parts and maintenance, which will allow your airport save money on a year-to-year basis.

Quality and warranty
All light fittings are fully compliant with FAA, ICAO, STAC and individually checked before delivery. Everything we do before delivery is aiming at guaranteeing the best results while in operation.