80% of airport accidents occur at the gate and apron area. These are busy, confined areas where aircraft, vehicles and people are in constant motion in all types of weather conditions.

Safety on the ground is a top priority of every airport and airline. According to the Flight Safety Foundation, ramp accidents and incidents number more than 27 000 each year – or one per 1000 flights. The injury rate is nine per 1000 flights. 82% of all ramp accidents occur in the gate area and 48% of those are during arrival.

Safedock - Safe and efficient docking
Safegate Group´s solution Safedock A-VDGS saves you money and protects your investment and people. Safedock reduces congestion and the number of personnel on the ramp, performs an aircraft type safety check, scans the apron for vehicles or other objects, verifies the position of the passenger boarding bridge (PBB) and prevents incompatible aircraft from parking at adjacent gates. Safedock also guides an aircraft to its correct position by providing the pilot with intuitive signals, which is critical. 3D A-VDGS have become a global standard with thousands of installations over the years.

An information-driven approach to safe and efficient operations at gate and apron
To maximize safety and efficiency on the gate and apron area, Safegate Group has developed a new software concept, SafeControl – Apron Management. The origin of the new concept is Safegate Group’s Gate Operating System (GOS), built on a new platform to enhance integration and data sharing capabilities. SafeControl is a group of software modules used to automate and improve safety at airports around the world. SafeControl - Apron Management is based on the same platform as used for Air Traffic Management guaranteeing you the highest safety and availability.

Benefits of using Safedock with SafeControl – Apron Management are shorter turnaround times, reduced operational costs, reduced damage risks, more effective planning, higher productivity, enhanced safety and efficiency, enhanced integration and information sharing capabilities.

Product Fact Sheet - Gap Filler Functionality