Safe and efficient docking

How many aircraft can your airport handle today, and still maintain a high level of safety? Can this number be increased?

Ask Safegate Group and the answer will be yes with solutions for aircraft guidance on the ground, in a smart and responsible way. The Safegate Effect – safety, efficiency and environmental benefits – is the result of what we do for airports all over the world. By enabling a total system of smooth operations, for example the fastest way from touchdown to gate, fewer planes are waiting in line on the ground or circling in the air. Our solutions also provide full status awareness of equipment on the ground, and full control over aircraft and vehicle positions on the ground. The result is optimal safety, increased efficiency and reduced power and aircraft fuel consumption, which lead to a cleaner environment.

Safegate Group provides solutions that secure the performance of your airport today, and get you prepared for the traffic demands of tomorrow. By choosing Safedock you gain several benefits that together will improve overall safety, efficiency and the  environment.

One of the most crucial conditions airports and airlines is safety on the ground. Avoiding incidents and accidents will save a lot of time, money and discomfort for people. In general 22% of all incidents result in damage to aircraft equivalent to one accident per 1 000 arrivals. Approximately 8% of all incidents result in personal injury. A high level of safety will protect people as well as your investments.

As many as 82% of all ramp accidents occur at the gate. By securing safe operations at the gate, a lot of time and money is won. Safedock ensures that your airport is optimally equipped - today and for the future.

When using Safedock systems, all aircraft are quickly and smoothly parked in a correct setup, providing the possibility for tight time schedules to be maintained. A more efficient airport means a faster return on your investment.

For example, if a marshaller reports stand status with an average delay of two minutes, as much as five days of operation is lost annually. How much time could be saved during each docking if the PBB was placed in the most efficient position?

By providing the fastest way to park aircraft and the ability to streamline gate turns and enforce GPU use, Safedock significantly reduces wasted fuel burn and power consumption, leading to substantially lower levels of CO2 emissions. By using Safedock you can bring air travel a little closer to nature.

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