Unlock your hidden potential for airport traffic expansion

Is your airport ready for the traffic demands of tomorrow?

Airport traffic has doubled every 15 years since the 1970s, and will most likely double again within the next 15 years. This creates possibilities for the airport industry, but at the same time airports around the world are challenged to handle the increase while staying profitable and maintaining safety. How can your airport benefit without deteriorating safety and profitability? How do you increase your throughput without compromising passenger experience?

Secure the future capacity of your airport today

The constantly growing demand for air traffic is nothing new, but the airport industry has reached the point where the most obvious solution – to expand through building new infrastructure – is no longer possible. Historically airports have met the needs of increasing traffic by investing in new runways and terminal buildings. This is costly and becoming more difficult, if not impossible, due to geographical and environmental restrictions. The standard time for building new infrastructure is at least 5 years from the early design phases to completion, hand over and acceptance. Even if an airport is running well within its capacity margins today, it can quickly outgrow itself before the expansion has been completed. In addition to geographical restraints, increased price awareness among consumers, and the aviation sector’s ambitious set of global CO2 emissions-reduction targets, drives the need to find alternative solutions for airport traffic expansion. 

Airport performance delivered from approach to departure

These challenges call for a change in how your everyday business is conducted. To be competitive, a modern airport must find cost-efficient solutions for increasing throughput, while also securing a high level of safety. The airport operational environment encompasses a complex structure where many issues cannot be effectively solved by one single organization at the airport. The most efficient way is to view the airport operational process holistically, and let the different parts of the airports talk.

Safegate Group has both the knowledge and technology needed to accomplish this task. With experience from 1200 airports across the world and over 40 years of experience with gate, airfield and tower operations, Safegate Group provides solutions to the airport airside traffic community that span over several organizational boarders. By offering a complete range of solutions for more and safer movements, we can help you unlock your hidden potential for airport traffic expansion within existing infrastructure.

One Airport

We help you link the different parts of your airport closer together and make sure your airfield, gate and tower systems – and people – work better together. With airport solutions on one seamless platform connecting all parts of the airport, you are supported to handle more and safer aircraft movements.

One Process

Increase your throughput by letting your airport work together as one, from approach to departure. We can help you do more with what you already have and unlock your potential for airport traffic expansion.

One Partner

We provide you with the benefit of using one vendor to future-proof your airport. With our knowledge from the world’s busiest airports, Safegate Group is your one contact point for a complete solution guaranteeing your airport performance.

With the largest product portfolio and operational knowledge on the market, we offer you the combination of cutting edge technology and experience. As a result you work with one partner for management, economy of scale and regulatory compliance that takes you all the way from project start to finish.

Safegate Group helps you do more with what you already have. Airport performance delivered, from approach to departure.


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