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Increasing Safety and Easing ATC workload

Written by Steven O'Flynn, Senior ATC Advisor

The movement of aircraft and authorised vehicles around the taxiways can be a complex affair, particularly during peak periods, low visibility and at night. Air Traffic Controllers balance keeping voice communications simple and concise with the need to ensure flight crews and vehicle drivers have a clear and unambiguous understanding of their clearances.

To manage the flow of traffic around the aerodrome, often ATC will require a vehicle to hold at specific positions on the taxiways. Common hold points are at the entry to the runway (where multiple points may be marked to allow for different low visibility operations procedures) and intermediate hold positions defined around the taxiways.

In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • The safety impact of stop bars
  • The benefits of stop bar use
  • Why stop bars are not used at every airport

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