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The past month has been exciting for Safegate Group. We launched the brand new Safegate Blog , which is all about giving you access to our experts – the people at Safegate Group who meet, listen to and continue the conversation about the future of aviation. Safegate Blog will bring you more of the great content you access here via our newsletter.

Per-Olof Hammarlund, October 2015

We also launched The Safegate Effect movie , which brings together the Safegate ethos: One Airport - One Process - One Partner: Airport performance delivered from approach to departure.

In years to come, more and more people will choose air travel. This creates possibilities for the airport industry, but at the same time airports around the world are challenged to handle the increase while staying profitable and maintaining safety.

At Safegate, we use technology and our know-how to minimize these challenges. By connecting all systems to work together as one, we create more efficient and safer aircraft movements. The Safegate Effect means airport performance delivered, from approach to departure.

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