Who is Safegate Group?

The Safegate Effect

The aviation industry is changing. In years to come, more and more people will choose air travel. This creates possibilities for the airport industry, but at the same time airports around the world are challenged to handle the increase while staying profitable and maintaining safety.

At Safegate, we use technology and our know-how to minimize these challenges. By connecting all systems to work together as one, we create more efficient and safer aircraft movements. The Safegate Effect means airport performance delivered, from approach to departure.

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What we do

Founded in 1973, Safegate Group is a global company offering a complete range of solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to airports worldwide.

By 2029, airport traffic is expected to double*. This will involve large investments by all of the world’s airports in order to maintain traffic efficiency and safety. Safegate Group works with system solutions that improve operations and ensure safety within the airport. We know that an integrated airport is an intelligent airport. With world-leading airport solutions on one seamless platform connecting all parts of the airport, you are supported to handle more and safer aircraft movements.

With 40 years of experience from the world’s busiest airports, Safegate Group is your one contact point for a complete solution guaranteeing your airport performance. We deliver airport performance, from approach to departure, to more than 1300 airports.

*ICAO, Airbus GMF 2014

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Research and design

Safegate Group’s solutions are developed in Finland, Denmark, France, and at our headquarters in Sweden. Our solutions are the result of extensive research and careful design over many years, and are based on our experiences from our large number of installations and partnerships with the world’s busiest airports. The development process is characterised by a small step-by-step strategy where good solutions are kept and improvements are implemented with care. All products comply with internationally recognised standards. Quality control is maintained throughout development, production and installation in accordance with ISO 9001.

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How we work

With our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, representatives in more than 75 countries and Safegate offices around the world, Safegate Group is a truly global company. Made up of more than 300 highly specialised professionals all over the globe, from Engineers to Project Managers, Safegate Group’s experts partner with airports large and small to find the right solutions. In addition, we work with a network of over 70 representatives around the world, helping us to bring customized, local service to every corner of the globe. These representatives are specialised in product installation, customer support and service and spare part distribution, meaning you’re never far away from a Safegate Group expert.

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Safegate Group continually strives to achieve safety and efficiency for the entire airport, from approach to departure. Part of this vision means working with companies who believe as we do – that efficiency, safety and environmental benefits can be achieved with the right solutions. Our acquisitions include Thorn AFL in 2006, Idman in 2008, Avibit Air Traffic Solutions in 2010, and Liberty Airport Systems most recently in 2014.

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